Trust Us for in-Depth ADHD Assessments

At ADHD Clinic, we’re experts in providing excellent ADHD assessments and diagnosis to clients across the UK online or in my clinic in Manchester. 

A mother speaking to a consultant about ADHD

For adults, information from a family member or close friend is sought along with the assessment of the person. For children, information from their current school and a parent or caregiver is needed. When all the required information is provided, an online appointment will be arranged with a psychiatrist to complete a clinical assessment and conclude the diagnosis.

The detailed report of the assessment is provided to the client and a copy is sent to the GP if the client gives consent.

Our Process

1. You make contact with us by telephone or email to discuss your assessment for the adult/child ADHD.

2. You make payment for the initial assessment (£680 for adults/£780 for children, including diagnosis report and prescription if required) and let us know that you have made payment.

3. After we receive the payment, we will initiate assessment for ADHD.

4. We will send you some pre assessment paperwork to be completed by yourself and an informant (someone who knows you well) or your child's school.

Once this is complete we will arrange your virtual clinical assessment.

5. The whole process to complete the assessment may take from two to four weeks.

6. If you are diagnosed with ADHD , medication can be prescribed on private prescription if indicated and you will be required to attend follow up appointments to monitor the effectiveness of the medication.

7. You should discuss with your GP to issue repeat prescriptions once your ADHD medications are adjusted.

8. You ADHD care will be supervised by the ADHD clinic until your care is taken by NHS adult ADHD team.

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